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the crème de la crème

They are the crème de la crème: nine private luxury hotels from Baden-Wuerttemberg, united in a cooperation called the “Best of SouthWest”.

Hotel Bareiss and Hotel Traube Tonbach in Baiersbronn, Hotel Dollenberg in nearby Bad Peterstal, Hotel Riva on Lake Constance, Hotel Colombi in Freiburg, Brenners Park-Hotel in Baden-Baden, Hotel Erbprinz in Ettlingen, Hotel Europäische Hof in Heidelberg as well as Wald- und Schlosshotel in Friedrichsruh. Each property is as unique as a diamond. Each has its own tradition and history, its own style and character. Some located in the midst of a beautiful forest surrounded by charming hills, some right by the boardwalk of a lake, others in the heart of old historical cities.

Nine „individualists“, yet with lots in common: they are all awarded as “5-star superior” – the highest distinction in the hotel industry. The label for luxury, highest quality and cordiality. Their cuisine is armed with the best of their kind: a total of 15 Michelin-stars display culinary master-pieces. Impressive Spa- and Beauty-areas are part of the extensive service offered to the guests. Hospitality is in their blood, many of the properties have been passed on from one generation to the next.

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